Central District (Serving Pitt, Lenoir, Greene, Beaufort, Martin, Tyrell, Hyde, and Washington Counties)

District Key 3:

District Chair: Brad Wilkinson, cell (252) 717-7717, email: wilkinsonbd@gmail.com

District Commissioner: Joe Jeansonne, cell (252) 412-1847, email: josjea@gmail.com

Central District Executive: Loretta Morton, cell (252) 933-6064, email: loretta.morton@scouting.org

District Committees:

Finance Chair:  Open

Membership Chair: Dal Newbold, email: dal.newbold@gmail.com

Program Chair: Andrew Wimsatt, cell (252) 702-5393, email: andrewwimsatt01@gmail.com

Vice Chair: Rick Cannon

Secretary: Nick Goetz

Central Org Chart

Monthly District Meetings:

District Committee Meeting:

2nd Wednesday of each month. Location: ZOOM Meeting 7-8 pm


Meeting ID: 895 5272 2486

Passcode: 171367

District Roundtables:

Central District Roundtable – 3rd Tuesday of each month – ZOOM Meeting 7 – 8 pm; RT Chair Victoria Brown / Darcy Guill


Meeting ID: 843 2140 1936

Passcode: 651259

District Eagle Board:

2nd Tuesday of each month at Immanuel Baptist Church, 1101 S Elm St Greenville, NC at 7:00pm


Refer to Council Calendar for official information: https://www.eccbsa.org/calendar/

Beaufort County United Wayhttp://www.unitedwaybc.net