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The East Carolina Council, Boy Scouts of America, has been building character and instilling values in young people since 1915. Always in strong partnership with the religious, civic and business communities, Scouting teaches traditional values, respect for God and Country, life skills and responsible citizenship to generations of area young people. Scouting provides the youth of eastern North Carolina with activities and programs outside of school hours which are safe, productive and structured. America has changed over the years, but the Boy Scouts continually strives to help each youth reach their highest potential. Your contribution is directly applied to the growth and future of eastern North Carolina youth. The Boy Scout program is the last national youth development program based on a belief in God.

With your gifts, we’re reaching more youth than ever! 

Traditional Scouting serves boys and girls ages 5 -20, in 20 counties reaching over 7,300 youth annually, including rural areas like Bear Grass, Jackson, Bailey, Macclesfield, La Grange, Pollocksville, and Scotland Neck.  The Career Exploring program provides life skills, career guidance and ethics education to over 200 high school aged boys and girls through Explorer Posts.  Career Exploring helps young adults make more informed decisions about choosing a future career.  East Carolina Council, BSA reachs out to underserved youth through our ScoutReach initiative providing Scouting to young people in public housing communities and through partnerships with several Boys & Girls Clubs and the YMCA


Today’s youth are America’s future.
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