2018-2019 Popcorn Calendar

Popcorn Commitment Form (only online)

Council Kick-Off Presentation

Popcorn Sales Sheet

Hello Kernels,
  1. Reminder: Do not forget to electronically register your Show-N-Sell order by this Sunday, August 12th.
  2. We have 20 Show-N-Sell Table Kits and 10 Banners left.If you registered for one at Kick-off or emailed me, all of those banners are set aside(to be delivered by your DE). So the 20/10 that are left are not spoken for. There will be no more available once those are exhausted.When you are finished with them, please return them to the Council Office via your DE.
  3. The extra popcorn order forms have been promised by Wednesday of next week by our printer. If your Roundtable comes and goes by then, please contact your DE for delivery.Do not over order flyers.
  4. A pdf of the flyers has been sent out to everyone registered thus far. We run out after printing 3000 more, you will need to print the pdf on your own. 5. If you are missing the power point or pdf, please reply to this email, and I will send it.
  5. If you are missing the power point or pdf, please reply to this email, and I will send it.
  6. Unfortunately, the Council website is being retooled as we speak, so popcorn information on the ecc.bsa website may be lacking.
  7. I have attached last year’s sales figures for every unit that sold.Please add 7% to your total sales to figure your goal for an extra 2% in commission. Shoot for a 10% increase so that you will be able to make this goal.

2017 sales figures

Thanks for all you do for our youth!! Sincerely, Grady

August 25th—Show-N-Sell orders Distributed

September 3rd-Popcorn Sale Begins

October 25th—Show-N-Sell Return <25% of product—whole cases only* (New Date)

November 5th—Popcorn Orders Due (Take Order Sales)

December 1st–Popcorn Distributed

December 14th–Popcorn Money and Prize Orders Due

January 4th–All Prizes Received by individuals