Show-N-Sell and Take Order

During COVID-19

East Carolina Council will allow Show-N-Sell and Take Order this popcorn season!

Start making your storefront reservations today!

  • Scouts and adults must wear mask during sale
  • If possible use a no touch card reader https://www.campmasters.org/pay-anywhere: $30-$50 cost for card reader.
  • Present box with cash for customers to deposit cash and make change at point of sale
  • If you handle cash or cards, sanitize hands after every transaction
  • Allow customer to pick up popcorn from your display for purchase
  • If going to house, ring bell and stand back while wearing mask
  • Use your own pen to write down order.
  • When delivering popcorn, put on porch and have customer pick up.
  • When customer pays open money bag for them to deposit money.
  • Bring hand sanitizer.
  • All adults must be YPT trained
  • While in car with youth and adults—all must wear mask.