Popcorn 2022

Critical Information on How to Sell Popcorn and get more Involvement and be a Successful Unit!

Hosted by CAMP MASTERS Popcorn

Presented and Produced by Michael Beck

This training is good for Popcorn Kernels, Parents, and Unit Leaders. It has been proven successful over and over again with not only providing all the money both the Units and the Kids need for their entire year of Scouting it teaches everyone skills that will benefit them throughout their life. No matter if you are selling Popcorn this year or not you should take the opportunity to share this program with all volunteers.

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Northern: Jennifer Taylor   jennifer.taylor@scouting.org

Southern:  Mark Aneuber   mark.aneuber2@scouting.org

Central:  Julie Scoran   julie.scoran@scouting.org