Important Dates

  • August 3rd Council Kick-off
  • August 6th Show and Sell Order Deadline
  • August 24th Show and Sell Distribution Day
  • August 27th Sale Begins
  • October 25th Show and Sell Return Deadline—no more than 25%–only whole cases—consider your needs for Take Order
  • November 4th Take Order and Prize Order Deadline
  • November 23rd Take Order Distribution Day
  • December 6th Payments Due
  • December 20th All Prizes Delivered    
District Delivery Sites 

Popcorn Presentation

Popcorn Order form and Prize sheet

Hello Everyone,

A few answers to questions and a few pieces of additional information and a re-revised list:


33% base commission to all units–Show N Sell and Take Order

1% additional commission for each person you sent to Michael Beck Training OR Council Kick-off–up to 3% MAX Show N Sale and Take Order

3% additional commission if you forgo prizes Show N Sell and Take Order

35% commission for online individual scout sales

For unit orders: Ignore Quantity Needed for Scout Sales Column. Go to Order Quantity Column. enter container quantities and round to case (automatic) Save order. Go to summary. Submit order.