2020 Fall Popcorn is in full swing.  Several packs and troops have had good success with Show & Sell in front of stores.  We understand that some may not be able to or feel uncomfortable doing so or uncomfortable going door to door.  Here are two  alternatives.  Create an online account at POPCORNORDERING.COM.  It takes about 3 minutes.  Your Scout will receive a Scout Key Code. 

  1. Use the Popcorn system to send emails to people to order online.    
  2. Use door hangers like this one, fill in your Scouts FIRST NAME ONLY and his or her Key Code.  Distribute them throughout your neighborhood.

Allow people to order at their convenience and your Scout receives the credit.

We suggest printing the door hangers on 65 lbs stock paper.  We have 50,000 pre-printed door hangers in the office; Scouts will need to fill in their name and Key Code on those before distribution.

Scouts Register with CAMP MASTERS Instructions

ECC popcorn door hanger FINAL V2 Fillable


Show-N-Sell and Take Order

During COVID-19

East Carolina Council will allow Show-N-Sell and Take Order this popcorn season!

Start making your storefront reservations today!

  • Scouts and adults must wear mask during sale
  • If possible use a no touch card reader https://www.campmasters.org/pay-anywhere: $30-$50 cost for card reader.
  • Present box with cash for customers to deposit cash and make change at point of sale
  • If you handle cash or cards, sanitize hands after every transaction
  • Allow customer to pick up popcorn from your display for purchase
  • If going to house, ring bell and stand back while wearing mask
  • Use your own pen to write down order.
  • When delivering popcorn, put on porch and have customer pick up.
  • When customer pays open money bag for them to deposit money.
  • Bring hand sanitizer.
  • All adults must be YPT trained
  • While in car with youth and adults—all must wear mask.

2020 Popcorn Kick Off Training Presentation

2020 Unit Initial Order Product Projection Tool East Carolina Council

East Carolina Prize Order Form _UPO_FL20

COVID-19 Popcorn Rules

Take Order Sale & Prize Sheet

More Documents on Popcorn

Location Assignment Sheet Notes

Tips From A Pro 

Cub Troop Covid Location Request Letter 

Tips for Leaders