Popcorn 2023




Scouts always do their best!
The Popcorn fundraiser gives each Scout the opportunity to fund their ENTIRE Scouting year with just one fundraiser.


There are many popcorn selling beasts in the East Carolina Council that do so every year.


Here are the tools to bring out the Beast in your Scouts!

Have every Scout text “App” to 62771 to receive the link to download the Trail’s End App. There they can take credit card payments at no extra cost.



Show and Sell Order Due:

August 18th by midnight

(The system is already open to begin placing your order. *Product will be available for pickup by the 1st.)


Show and Sell Product Return:

October 16th and 17th


Take Order Due:

October 20th by midnight


Final Money Due:

December 8th by 5pm

Storefront Times and Locations


East Carolina Council is a part of the Trail’s End Storefront Program! Trail’s End has secured a number of Stores in your area such as Food Lion, Lowe’s, and Piggly Wiggly! Choose the time and place for your Unit to sell in front of in the Trail’s End website or app. Units may start picking available storefront shifts as follows:


7/12- All Units: 2 picks

7/13- All Units: 2 picks

7/14 and Beyond- All Units: Unlimited


Please make sure you work all shifts you assign your Unit. Shifts may be released back into the system up until 3 days prior.


If a unit knows a place of business that is willing to host the popcorn sale but is not on the Storefront list, that location is still allowed so long as it follows the BSA guidelines of where a Scout may be present.



All Units nationwide receive 30% in commission.
But you are in luck! Your ECC professional staff is offering opportunities for you to earn up to 40% to go directly to your unit.
That’s the highest in the nation!




1. Just like previous years, any unit that had a representative at Council Kickoff receives another 3% commission.

2. Get another 3% commission by registering your unit today! (Must be registered before District Kickoff)




3.Earn another 1% by attending any one of the webinars before District Kickoff

Trail’s End is hosting several upcoming Webinars and we strongly encourage you to attend one. These Webinars are usually only 45 minutes long and will allow you to get a better understanding of Trail’s End’s Technology that you will be using throughout the duration of the sale- the Trail’s End Unit Leader Portal and Scout App.

The Webinar will also cover Best Practices and give you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have- allowing you to set your Unit up for success!

Webinars before District Kickoff include:

July 12 6:30PM

July 12 8:00PM

July 14 6:60PM

July 14 8:00PM

Aug 1 6:30PM

Aug 1 8:00PM

4.Attend District Kickoff for another 1%

Northern Kickoff- August 3rd

Central Kickoff-August 5th

Southern Kickoff- August 6th

5.Submit both orders on time for another 2% in commission.

Ordering New S’mores Popcorn


After much research, Trail’s End has determined that any new product sells at a 10% sale rate. Trail’s End wants to do its best to not have the Unit nor Council with excess left over inventory by over ordering in the excitement of the new flavor. Therefore, S’mores CANNOT exceed 10% of your order.


What this means is that for every $3,000 ordered, Units can only order

1 case (12 bags) of S’mores. This applies to S’mores only. Units under $3,000 will still be able to order 1 case in most instances.

Staff Advisor- Clark Garthwait
Call/Text 252-955-1914
Central Popcorn Kernal-
Miguel Morales
Call/Text 252-751-7564
Southern Popcorn Kernal-
Ernie Giblin
Call/Text 252-241-3230
Northern Popcorn Kernal-
Daniel Clayton
Call/Text 252-218-8270