Popcorn 2022


How to Video’s –   https://www.campmasters.org/video     

If you have questions or concerns regarding popcorn please give Julie Scoran  a call at 252-933-1309 or email her at julie.scoran@scouting.org      


Popcorn Kick off Presentation (click above)

Popcorn Kernels

Cynthia King                                                         Brad Wilkinson                                                   Ernie Giblin                                   
cynthiaking2005@gmail.com                         wilkinsonbd@gmail.com                                 ernie.giblin@gmail.com
252-947-2290                                                                                                                                           252-241-3230
Southern District Executive
Mark Aneuber   mark.aneuber2@scouting.org
Central District Executive
Julie Scoran   julie.scoran@scouting.org