Friends of Scouting

What is Friends of Scouting?

Friends of Scouting is the annual campaign where the  East Carolina Council, BSA asks Scouting families, businesses and civic-minded citizens to support our mission of providing the Scouting program to thousands of young people in eastern North Carolina .

Why should I give to Friends of Scouting?
Friends of Scouting provides roughly one-third of the money needed to operate the Council’s Scouting camps, programs and facilities for a calendar year. These camping and training facilities are the “outdoor classrooms” in which Scouts have fun, learn leadership skills and develop into better young men and women. The East Carolina Council spends approximately $515 per Scout each year to deliver these benefits and much more.

I already paid my child’s registration and his unit collects annual dues. Haven’t I already supported Scouting?
Your child’s registration fee goes directly to the National Office of the Boy Scouts of America. These fees come back to East Carolina Council in the form of consulting services, program development and national high adventure camps. If your child’s Scout unit collects dues, that money stays with the unit to help pay for trips and other activities. None of that money helps the East Carolina Council pay for:

  • Maintaining and staffing the council’s 4 camping facilities
  • Training thousands of adult volunteer leaders in youth protection, unit leadership and skills training
  • Providing programs like Cub Scout Day Camp, Cub Scout Family Week-ends, Webelos Resident Camp, Boy Scout Summer Camp, Youth Leadership Training, Adult Leadership training courses, like Wood Badge. Much of the facility, ranger, office, professional and production cost for these events are not included in the event fee you pay.
  • Maintaining our council website and Constant Contact to be able to better inform Scouts and Scouters and their families on all of the current Scouting activities and policies.

Please consider a gift to the Friends of Scouting Campaign. Complete the pledge card at the top of the page. We need your support. 

Golden Eagle Club: Offers individual donors who give a minimum of $1,250 in cash or securities an opportunity to make a major investment in the lives of youth and to be recognized.

Scout Family: Families who use the Scouting program directly are given the opportunity to support the overall effort through unit presentations and follow up. There is a recognition plan for individuals and units that participate in this plan.

Scout Community Campaign: A grass roots campaign of Friends of Scouting and alumni who believe Scouting builds leaders and better citizens for the future.

Employer Match: Please be sure to let us know if your employer matches financial gifts to our council.