Camp Boddie Shooting Ranges

East Carolina Scout Reservation Shooting Sports Programs

NRA 1st Steps Orientation (Rifle/Shotgun/Pistol) Program

An introduction to firearm safety, handling, & shooting skills, 1st Steps Orientation is designed for those first time gun users to acquire the skills, knowledge and attitude necessary for safe gun operation. Available to both youth and adults, the orientation is a 3-hour training session with additional range time to develop safe shooting habits.

Note:  The pistol orientation is only available for adults and Venture Scouts.


NRA Basic Firearm (Rifle/Shotgun/Black Powder Rifle/Pistol) Shooting Course

Designed to teach the basic knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary for the safe use and ownership of firearms, this   14-hour training session covers the basics of gun ownership, knowledge, safe gun handling with extensive range time to develop good shooting skills. Note: The pistol course is only available for adults and Venture Scouts.


BSA Rifle Shooting, Shotgun Shooting, & Archery Merit Badge Programs

Available to Boy Scouts, the merit badge program include NRA 1st Steps for Rifle and Shotgun Shooting. All three merit badges are difficult for young first time shooters.


Venturing Shooting Sports Elective

Venture Scouts can choose between light rifle, shotgun, pistol, or archery to complete this core requirement.  NRA 1st Steps will be completed for light rifle, shotgun and pistol.


Winchester/NRA Qualification Program  (Light Rifle/Shotgun/Pistol)

The Winchester/NRA Marksmanship qualification Program is a skills development program. 

Qualification shooting is a year-round shooting activity that provides incentive awards for developing and improving marksmanship skills in a safe and controlled environment. The program is available for both youth and adults.

The courses of fire in the qualification programs are designed to take shooters from the beginning skill level (Pro-Marksman & Marksman) through the intermediate levels (Marksman 1st Class, Sharpshooter, and Expert) up to the nationally recognized skill level of Distinguished Expert. This is a progressive program beginning with Pro-Marksman to be completed over a period of time. The program is available for light rifle, shotgun, & pistol qualification and includes the 1st Steps training for beginner shooters.
Note: The pistol course is only available for adults and Venture Scouts.


NRA Certified Instructor Courses

The certified instructor courses are designed to provide certified NRA instructors in rifle, shotgun, black powder rifle, and pistol.  The course of instruction includes the 6-hour basic instructor course plus the approximately 14-hour discipline course of study.  Completion of the course enables participants to conduct the 1st Steps, NRA Basic Shooting Courses, & BSA rifle/shotgun merit badge instruction or Venturing pistol shooting in their certified discipline.


NRA Range Safety Officer Course

This 8-hour training course teaches the basic duties of the Range Safety Officer; range standard operating procedures, range safety rules, range briefings, & emergency procedures with a practical application of range operations.


Cub Scout BB Gun & Archery Safety Officer Course

Taught by one of the National camp school trained Shooting Sports Directors, this 3-5 hour training course is to prepare qualified candidates to safely operate Cub Scout shooting sports programs at the district and council level.  Participants must be 18 years old or older. Note:  Cub Scout shooting sports events are not a unit level activity.