All event Flyers, including links for online registration for all East Carolina Council Events will be listed below 

January 2015

16-19 ECC Camp Boddie Winter Camp  Flyer Register
 24 ECC District Key Scouters Training Workshop  Flyer Registration Form
 27 Blackbeard Volunteer Recognition Banquet  Flyer  
 29 NB  Volunteer Recognition Banquet  Flyer  
 29 Pitt Volunteer Recognition Banquet  Flyer  
 31 CT Scoutmaster specific Training  Flyer  
 31 Word Leader's Banquet   Flyer  

February 2015

 6 ECC Wilderness Weekend  Flyer  
 8 ECC BSA Anniversary Week Display Contest  Flyer  
 7 & 14 ECC Scouting For Food  Flyer  
 14 Lewis-Deanes Annual District Banquet   Flyer Nomination Form 
 22 ECC Eagle Scout & Volunteer Recognition Banquet  Flyer  
 22 CT Winter Camporee  Flyer  Register
 20-22 CT Introduction To Outdoor Leader Skills  Flyer  


March 2015

5 CT Volunteer Recognition Banquet  Flyer    
CT BALOO Training  Flyer    
CT Leave No Trace Training  Flyer    
CT The Trainer's Edge  Flyer    
13-15 Wilson 2015 Webeloree  Flyer    
14  ECC Commissioner College  Flyer    
21 ECC University of Scouting  Flyer  Course Catalog  Register 

November 2015

13-15 TR Tar River Fall Camporee  Flyer

Budget Form for those running District Events