Pitt District, serving Pitt county

Pitt District Website https://sites.google.com/site/pittdistrictecc/home

District Key 3:

District Chair: Mark Sprague Sprague252@gmail.com    252-227-0877

District Commissioner:Todd Smith dtsmithbsa@gmail.com252-531-1116

Central Service Area Executive:  

         Jon Garn(252) 933-1309  

Monthly District Meetings:

District Committee Meeting:

1st Friday of each month at the Pitt United Way Board Room 11:30 am-1pm (Bring your lunch)

District Roundtable:

3rd Tuesday of each month at LDS Church (at 307 Martinsborough Rd.)  at 7:00pm

District Eagle Board:

2nd Tuesday of each month at St. James United Methodist Church at 7:00pm

Pitt County United Way – http://www.uwpcnc.org/