Summer Camp

Summer camp is a week-long scouting experience where Boy Scouts can earn several merit badges of their choice while camping with their friends in their Troop. This gives the Scouts the chance to take part in activities that they might normally have trouble finding such as climbing courses, archery, or even just learning to swim.  At the same time, this gives them a chance to break away from the modern tech obsessed world to enjoy the timeless experience of living on the edge of the wilderness. Boy Scout summer camp is the experience every Scouter should enjoy as they move forward in the program.

Camp will be in session during the following weeks.

Week 1 – June 21-June 27, 2020

Week 2 – June 28 -July 4, 2020

Week 3 – July 5-July 11 2020

Week 4 – July 12-18, 2020

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