Event Flyers

All event Flyers for East Carolina Council Events will be listed below

Tentaroo User’s Manual for your units and families. It provides step by step instructions on creating an account, managing accounts, registering for events.



EVENT POSTPONED: The Council Camporee Committee has once again postponed the Council Camporee and Cub Camporee due to the COVID-19 epidemic. The new dates are October 2nd-5th. All units that are currently registered will remain in the system and be transferred into the new dates. Units that have already paid but will be unable to attend may request a refund starting Monday April 13th by contacting the Council Office.

The Cub Scout Family Camporee will take place at Camp Boddie. The Scouts BSA Camporee will be hosted at Bonner North. An updated guide will be available on the website with the new dates and any additional changes by April 20th. The Camporee will return again in Spring 2021 the weekend of April 23rd-25th.



June 1- July 31   Scouting Out of the Box
Cub Scout Summer Program & Video Contest                                    Flyer       Guide Book

Cub Scout Summer Program                                                                  Flyer

8-12             Tar River District Cub Scout Day Camp                            Flyer

14-23         Week 1 Summer Camp                                        Flyer

21-26          Week 2 Summer Camp                                      Flyer

22-26          Caswell Twilight Camp                                       Flyer                                   

22-26          Pitt District Twilight Camp                                                  Flyer                         

15-20          National Youth Leadership Training                                  Flyer

  28- July 3      Week 3 Summer Camp                                 Flyer


3-6              Wilson Day Camp                                                                 Flyer


11-13          Ecology Merit Badge Weekend                                           Flyer


2-5               ECC Council Camporee

2-5               ECC Cub Camporee


13-15          Fall Merit Badge Weekend                                                   Flyer

ECC Budget worksheet 2020

WordScout Games FlyerGames Packet
WordScout Games FlyerGames Packet
WordScout Games FlyerGames Packet
 ECCCouncil Camporee BookletRegister
1-3  ECCCub Scout Council Camporee InfoBooklet Registration form
9WordScout Games FlyerGames Packet
TRTar River Fall Camporee Flyer
TRTar River Fall Camporee Flyer
ECCDown East Wood Ducks Scout NightFlyer
ECCDown East Wood Ducks Scout NightFlyer
ECCDown East Wood Ducks Scout NightFlyer