Ambassador, restricted, national Scouter, left sleeve, position 3.
International representative, No. 00141, council Scouter, left sleeve, position 3.
World Crest, cloth, No. 00143, all Scouts and leaders, centered horizontally over left pocket and vertically between left shoulder seam and top of pocket. May be worn by all members of Scouting to symbolize their membership in the World Scouting movement.
International jacket patch, No. 00145, Boy Scout and Boy Scout leader, centered on back of jacket.
International activity patch, No. 00144, Scouts and leaders who participate in an international activity or program may earn and wear this as a temporary patch on the right pocket. Go to to learn more.

International Youth Exchange, No. ID-214, a temporary patch worn on the right pocket. Available on a restricted basis from the International Division at the national office.