Training Recognitions

Arrowhead Honor, cloth, No. 00933, commissioner only, left sleeve on long-sleeved shirts. For short-sleeved shirt, the commissioner badge of office may be moved to touch the council shoulder emblem (to accommodate the Arrowhead Honor award). Worn only with a commissioner badge of office.
Scouter's Training Award, green ribbon with narrow white stripe, and pendant, No. 00922, above left pocket; embroidered green knot on tan, No. 05008, above left pocket. Trained roundtable staff wears pendant and/or embroidered square knot with Cub Scout or Boy Scout device, depending on staff members' roundtables. See note on page 52.
Commissioner Key/District Committee Key, green ribbon with broad white stripe and pendant, No. 00924, above left pocket; embroidered green and white knot, green to right, No. 05006, above left pocket. Commissioner wears commissioner device, No. 00871, on ribbon and/or knot. District committee members wear metal device, No. 00872. See note on page 52.
Philmont Training Center, cloth, Scouter, right pocket of uniform shirt or red jacket. - Identification - Conference participants
Trained Leader emblem, No. 00280, is available for all leaders who have completed the basic training program appropriate to their positions. The emblem is worn on the left sleeve immediately below and touching the emblem of office for which it was earned. Commissioners wear this emblem between the emblem of office and the Arrowhead Honor. Boy Scout junior leaders who have completed troop junior leader training, den chiefs who have completed the den chief training conference, and elected Venturers who have completed the crew officer's seminar may wear the Trained Leader emblem beneath their badge of office.

Note: The Trained Leader emblem may be worn only in connection with the emblem of office for which basic training has been completed.