Sea Scout Program Identification


Sea Scouts, BSA, navy cloth, No.04125B; white cotton cloth, No.04126B; black letters on tan cloth, No.04127B; Sea Scout and adult leader, above right pocket.
Sea Scout leader insignia, miniature pin, No.04134, Sea Scout leader, placed on front of braid extension for leader's cap; metal miniature lapel pin, No.04135, Sea Scout and leader, civilian wear.
Skipper's Key, blue ribbon and pendant, No. 00931. The ship committee chair and commissioner must approve the Skipper's application for a Skipper's key. Contact the Venturing Division for requirements.
Sea Scout cap button, silver, small, No.04156, worn on Sea Scout leader's cap.

Sea Scout coat button, silver, large, No.04155, worn on Sea Scout leader's coat.

Sea Scout leader hatband, No.04154.
Sea Scout youth jumper collar insignia, white cloth, No.04146; black cloth, No.04147, Sea Scout, corners of the jumper collar.