Insignia Guide: Venturing Participation

Interpreter strip, cloth; French, No. 00391; German, No. 00392; Spanish, No. 00395; signing, No. 00390; Dutch, No. 00393; Italian, No. 00400; Portuguese, No. 00401; Russian, No. 00402; Cantonese (Chinese), No. 00404; Greek, No. 00405; Japanese, No. 00406; Simplified Mandarin (Chinese), No. 00407; Traditional Mandarin (Chinese), No. 00408; Vietnamese, No. 00409; Tiger Cub, Cub Scout, Webelos Scout, Boy Scout, Venturer, and Scouter, above right pocket. Interpreter strips are made in the alphabet of the native language represented, not the English language translation. To accommodate the cryptic characters of various languages, the size of each interpreter strip for each language may vary slightly.
Sea base conch shell, worn on back of jacket or jac-shirt.
Canoe base loon, worn on left side of jacket or jac-shirt above pocket.
Philmont bull, worn on left side of jacket or jac-shirt above pocket.
Centennial Quality Unit Award, cloth, youth member and leader, right sleeve, position 3. See your local council for specific year numbers. Only the most recently earned Quality Unit emblem may be worn.
Long Cruise badge, white cloth, No. 04136; blue cloth, No. 04139, Sea Scout and Sea Scout adult leader, left sleeve, position 4; Long Cruise arc, red cloth, No. 04137; white cloth, No. 04138.
Venturing Shooting Sports Outstanding Achievement Award, above left pocket; available from Venturing Division.
Venturing World Conservation Award, No. 00152; Venturer, worn as a temporary patch on right pocket.

Additional Participation Awards

The following items are described and pictured under Boy Scout Participation and Achievement:

  • Boardsailing, BSA
  • BSA Aquatics Instructor
  • BSA Lifeguard
  • Conservation Good Turn Award
  • 50-Miler Award
  • High-adventure bases
  • High adventure emblem
  • Historic Trails Award
  • Hornaday Award
  • Kayaking BSA
  • Mile Swim, BSA
  • Philmont Scout Ranch
  • Scuba BSA
  • Snorkeling, BSA