Venturing Program Identification


U.S. flag emblem, cloth, red, white, and blue, No.00103, Venturer and Venturing adult, right sleeve. New uniforms have this emblem already sewn in the correct position.

Boy Scout advancement, earned Boy Scout rank recognition, may be worn on the Venturing uniform. See the Boy Scout section for guidelines.

Venturing emblem, cloth, No.04038, Venturer and Venturing adult, right sleeve, position 2 of official uniform shirt.

Council shoulder emblem, cloth, No.6___ (last three digits indicate the council number), Venturer and Venturing adult, left sleeve, position 1, just below shoulder seam.

Shoulder loops, green ribbon, No.00678, Venturer and Venturing adult, on shoulder epaulets worn on the Venturing spruce green uniform shirt. Not to be worn on Boy Scout khaki uniform.

Unit number, cloth, white on red, Nos. 10400 through 10408 (last digit indicates the unit number for 0 through 8); for unit number 9, order No.10406. Venturer or Venturing adult wearing traditional uniform, left sleeve, position 2, touching council shoulder patch. Multiple-digit numerals may be special-ordered--2-digit, No.10409; 3-digit, No.10410; 4-digit, No.10411.