All Camp Staff Merit Badge Counselors have been approved by the Council Advancement Committee to instruct their particular merit badge.  We do not except letters or statements from leaders or other merit badge counselors on requirements completed prior to camp.

Blue Cards: If your unit or council requires the use of blue merit badge cards you are asked to complete the information section and bring them to camp with you . Blue Cards can be turned in at Sunday Check in or should be given to the Program Director by Monday morning at breakfast.  No blue cards will be provided to East Carolina Council units.

Working with BadgeTracker

The camp utilizes an on-line registration system titled BadgeTracker . The on-line system is the only means available to register Scouts (and adults) for camp programs.

In order to access this system troops should submit a pre-registration and 1st payment for each youth to the Council Service Center utilizing the fees transmittal form found on-line.  The Troop point of contact will receive an email communication from BadgeTracker with a unit access code and directions on how to activate your on-line system account.  This will happen ONLY after the first youth payments have been received and your unit information has been entered (by name) at the Scout office.  Parents should not send their Scouts registration to the office or camp separately from the unit. To avoid confusion within your Troop the access code should only be utilized by a leader who will be attending camp. The sooner your registrations are received, the sooner you can register your Scouts for program activities!

On-line registration & changes for programs can be made up to ONE WEEK prior to your unit arriving at camp. It is a real-time program! Remember that all programs are first-come, first served.  The sooner you pre-register your Scouts and made your program selections, the more opportunity you have to acquire the programs you need.

BadgeTracker is a very simple program to use if your unit and your Scouts are prepared.  To prepare your Scouts there are a few simple steps to take. Down-load and distribute copies of three program reference charts to your Scouts; Program & Merit Badge Instructional Schedule Reference Chart; Age, Rank Restrictions, Partial Completion Reference Chart and the Twilight Activities Reference Chart.

Utilizing these three charts, your Scouts can determine (with your help) all the programs and activities they would like to participate in during camp.  Have them circle the activities/programs they would like to do during camp both on the Program & Merit Badge schedule and the Twilight Activities schedule.  Pay close attention to the time slots for each class (noted as class A, B, C, D, etc.)

You are now set to pre-register your Scouts for summer programs!

You will now be able to add the name & information data for each Scout and begin to register them for programs. It’s a simple process of clicking on the programs at the times that were reflected by the information the Scouts have given you. The program will not let you mess up.  If something does not work it’s usually because the information inputted into the program for the Scout prevents signing that Scout up for a particular program.


If Joe Scout is 12 years old and a Tenderfoot Scout, those programs that require an age of 14 or First Class will not show on the program display selection for Joe.

Keep in mind that you can only add the number of Scouts that you have submitted the required pre-registration fees for.   It’s imperative that you keep your records as up-to-date as possible.