Click on Online Re-charter (bottom of the page) Remember the window of access for Internet Re-chartering is two months before and two months after your unit’s expiration date.  Ex., if your unit expires December 31st then you will be able to start the process on November 1st. You will need to have your Units Access Code that was mailed to the Committee Chair and Scoumaster in order to start the re-chartering process. Please note that this is not the same number your unit uses for Internet Advancement. With online re-charter you have a different access code each year. On your initial access you will go in as a New User. Create a password and set up the profile. Please make sure that only one person does this as there is a lot of information at their finger tips. They will not be able to see Social Security numbers.

All units should select ‘Download information from ScoutNet’. You can download from Troopmaster or Packmaster but remember that is not connected to ScoutNet.

Remember to put all information in for each person. Each screen will take you step by step into the process. When completed and you are ready to submit, make sure to print two copies, a copy for your records and one for Council. The Council copy must be signed by the appropriate people in the unit.

When you have secured the proper signatures the packet along with the fees MUST go to your Unit Commissioner.  

Please note that the system does not account for the insurance. Please go to our website under Re-Charter and print the RE-CAP form to go along with your re-charter. The $1.00 for insurance is for each person including Tiger Parents.

If you need assistance please call Judy at 252-522-1521 or email her at


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