Sea Kayaking Trek Guide


The Trek Planner is a valuable guide for leaders and crewmembers who are participating in the Sea Base Sea Kayaking Trek. Inside you’ll find all the information you need to prep you or your crew for the week ahead.
If you or your crew does not see a route that is appealing, or if they have no preference either way, we only need basic information in planning a trip for you. This is what we do best on a year round basis. Just from listening, we can plan a trip that meets your needs.

Sea Kayaking Trek Planner

Sea Kayaking Equipment List

Sea Kayaking Map

Some things to consider when planning your route:
1. The total miles you want to cover. Pertains to groups who want the 50 miler award.
2. Any specific activities that you would like to participate in or accomplish
3. The overall goal. When asked, what is your unit saying they want from this trip.

We want you and your crew to have a great and remarkable trip that will give them something to talk about for years to come. We believe that the more informed you are the easier it will be to make this happen.


Tartan Guard

Tartan Guard Units recieve free cloth rank advancements and waived campsite rental fees at ECC properties for a year, excluding the Council Camporee.  Applications must be submitted by 1/31/2014 for consideration for 2013. Watch the e-newsletter- the Tarheel Scouter for quarterly updates to units qualifying for 2013 Tartan Guard  


Tartan Guard Units